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Lago is a bedroom pop flavored musical project by Guido Maiga, an Italian singer, guitarist and producer.

I realized all the covers (Impazzivoperte, Confuso/Domenika, Baricco) and curated the visual identity of the project following the promotion on social media (Spotify, Facebook and Instagram) through videos, photos, giff, banners and more.

Find out more about Lago here



Visuals for Urameshi!, an electronic music project by Guido Maiga, "Music To Dance Alone" (2015) and "We Will Never Grow Up" (2015). 

For this project it was decided to create a reference figure, something that could be immediately identified with the artist's name. Hence the distinctive white horned wolf with a blue heart on his head.

Read the reviews here rockit vice.

g guido cover_a.jpg

Linus Stirner

Cover and music video realized for the album "Early Vision" (2014) " by Linu Stirner.

The cover is the result of a graphic collage, while for the music video  of "Cathedral" it was decided to use some old CC Lincese videos in order to follow the "temporal melancholy" of the song.



Cover art designed for the single "Menta" (2018) by Marcoss. The illustration echoes the color and the fresh theme of the song: a mint candy.

Schermata 2018-05-23 alle 17.22.08.png
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